The power cut that affected about 50-60% of Ahmedabad was because of a technical fault. While some areas, like Vastrapur, CG road, Ashram road and Bopal, witnessed interrupted power supply, others had to deal with a blackout for as long as three hours. Breakdown in the 132kv overhead line in the Sabarmati area which resulted in tripping of all the generating stations affected the complete city.

Reasons behind Power failures in India:

• Shortage of coal.
• Lack of willingness to utilize the current coal mines effectively
• Lack of willingness on increasing the efficiency of aging thermal power plants.
• Constantly depending on exported coal as the coal produced in India does not meet the rising demand.

An outage causes computers to shut down unexpectedly. Any files you were working on could be lost or become corrupted. If power outages occur frequently, they can damage your hard drive and reduce its lifespan. Damaged Equipment: Power outages can cause long-term damage to your equipment in some parts of the world where access to electricity is unreliable, business owners work the cost of backup power into their standard operating budgets. Power outages can occur for a number of reasons including natural disasters and equipment failures.

Businesses rely on electrical power for every aspect of their operations, so it’s no surprise that loss of power means loss of customers, income, and data. For companies that rely on computers or other machines, in the event of a power outage employees may not be able to complete their tasks. Results may include backed up workflows and the need to pay workers overtime to finish tasks later. That includes IT professionals who may need to be called in to retrieve lost data and restore equipment operation.

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