Repeated power cuts in some parts of the city have added to the woes of Guwahatians Guwahati is one of the cities in India that faces major power cuts, heavy storm and earth quakes are the reasons that causes heavy damage to the power lines and the transformers in different parts of the city

Guwahati deals with regular storm and earth quakes and as a precautionary measure, power is snapped in most localities of the city. However, some areas have continued to face power cuts and fluctuations because of these natural disasters The storm results in a lot of infrastructure damage and many poles are uprooted too. Currently government is conducting restoration work across the state in places where the lines get damaged, which causes massive power outage in parts of the cities, residents and companies are suffering production loss in this situation which is unavoidable

Generator - 82.5 KVA to 125 KVA on rent in Guwahati

Modern Hiring Services specializes in providing the generator on rent in Guwahati. These services are offered at reasonable rates and for different durations, short as well as long; as per the client's requirements. These generators are of established brands and provide very effective and quick temporary, emergency, and / or backup power supply. Salient features of our generators-on-rent are high quality, less fuel consumption, effective power supply, easy to transport, and high durability. In addition, we also provide the facility of generator's complete installation, at the location of client's choice.

The scope of supply includes:

• Electrical starter motor 12V DC
• Battery charging alternator
• Bosch fuel system with mechanical governor, A1 Class
• Spin-on lube oil filter
• Spin-on dual fuel filter with water seperator
• Turbocharger
• Charge air cooler
• Silencer (Hospital grade)
• Dry type air cleaner
• Shut-off coil
• Flywheel and flywheel housing
• First fill of lube oil and coolant
• Safety for low lube oil pressure
• Safety for high water temperature
• Permissible overload of 10% for one hour in 12 hours of operation

REASONS to Hire Generator on Rent in Guwahati

1 - The power demand in Guwahati is higher than normal, and this may cause frequent breakdown resulting power outages.
2 - Lots of upgrading work is going on in Guwahati, which causes power cuts
3 - High load of air conditioners being switched on. Conventional AC’s have an inrush of current (higher than their full load current) when switched on…and mow imagine hundreds and thousands of ac’s being switched on within a short time, and the hammer blow that the power grid takes…and all that on conductors with reduced current carrying capacities. Equipment like transformers also take a beating in hot weather. Even power grids of advanced countries take a beating in hot weather.
4 – Heavy construction operations leads to cutting down some power cables to shift them away from the construction sites


  Generator On Hire In Guwahati

  Mr. Narsing Agrawal