Amid an intense heatwave, Delhi touched this season’ record high electricity demand of 5268 MW there has been an average of around 100 fiber cuts every two hours due to felling of trees and operations to clear the way from the disruption roads. There are three private companies that supply electricity in Delhi --- BSES Yamuna Power Limited, BSES Rajdhani Power Limited and Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited. Central and East Delhi could be the worst hit from the mid-monsoon power cut, when the humidity levels are high. Delhi's peak summer demand on May 16 touched 6,044 MW, which is twice the consumption of Mumbai and thrice of Kolkata.

In a situation like this when the power is necessary but availability is less Delhi needs a solution focused on power output. Modern Hiring Services is now providing diesel generators on rent in Delhi, Gas Generators and Transformers on Hire in Delhi, based on your needs you can hire 250kVA, 320kVA, 625kVA, 900kVA, 2000 kVA Diesel Generator on Rent

With the national capital region reeling under long spells of outages, a survey has found that power cuts occurred at least twice a day and up to four hours sometimes with worst hit being Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Noida.

DG Set on Rent in Delhi as per your power requirements

Power outage can occur due to transmission loss, excessive consumption of power which leads to tripping of transformers, short circuits or natural weather phenomenon such as rain, thunderstorm or dust storms. mostly in Ghaziabad and Gurgaon, have complained of sleepless nights and their inability to work the next day due to tiredness and sleep deprivation.

Modern Hiring Service (MHS), popularly known as Modern, has been extending its rich experience of providing Uninterrupted & Reliable Power, Temperature Control Rental Solutions & Diesel Generator for Rent to a widest range (40kva – 2000kva) of clientele in India and globally. It has state of the art Infrastructure facilities with Depot located at strategic location, modernized ready to install containerized fleet of equipment’s, efficient networking, round the clock service and strong technical capabilities, are the core strengths of Modern.

Reasons to Hire Generator on Rent in Delhi

1 - The power demand in Delhi is higher than normal, and this may cause frequent breakdown resulting power outages.
2 - Lots of upgrading work is going on in Delhi, which causes power cuts
3 - High load of air conditioners being switched on. Conventional AC’s have an inrush of current (higher than their full load current) when switched on…and mow imagine hundreds and thousands of ac’s being switched on within a short time, and the hammer blow that the power grid takes…and all that on conductors with reduced current carrying capacities. Equipment like transformers also take a beating in hot weather. Even power grids of advanced countries take a beating in hot weather.
4 – Heavy construction operations leads to cutting down some power cables to shift them away from the construction sites

Benefits of Hiring a DG Set on Rent in Delhi

1 – Renting is cost effective than buying a DG set
2 – Renting a Generator saves the costing of regular maintenance as Modern Hiring always keeps all our equipment in top conditions
3 – You are not stuck with one particular DG set, Power equipment rentals can be sized for your specific project, our team of professionals help you to make sure you’ve got the perfect generator for your needs.
4 - Renting allows you to perform seasonal, temporary or specialized work on your job site.


  Generator on Rent in Gurgaon / Delhi

  Mr. Narsing Agrawal