Areas in Nagpur are facing regular darkness in the name of repair and maintenance. Even as the unscheduled load shedding powered with frequent voltage fluctuations have already added to the frustration of consumers

Areas of Venkatesh Nagar, Agney Layout, Prasad Nagar, Dubey Layout, Datey Layout, Pragati Nagar, Jaitala, Sangarsh Nagar, Ramabai Ambedkar Nagar, Janhit Society, Pradnya Layout, Pipla, Hudkeshwar (Khurd) and Budruk, Dhangawali Nagar, Kharbi, Nagpur University Campus, Ambazari area, Deotale Layout, Verma Layout, Pandhrabodi, Vasant Nagar, RPTS Road, Chitrakala Mahavidyalay, Ajni Square area, are the most affected areas due to power cuts, also most of the companies in Nagpur are situated in these areas, it cost these businesses significant amount of money as the power outage becomes an obstacle in their operations

Nagpur faces Power outages that includes short-term or long-term loss of electric power to a specific area. Outages are affecting homes, businesses or entire cities. Power outages that businesses are experiencing in Nagpur:

1. Brownout: The voltage drops and causes dim lights. Brownouts can cause electrical equipment to malfunction.

2. Blackout: Complete loss of power in an area for a few minutes or an indefinite amount of time.

3. Permanent Fault: Large loss of power due to a fault on a power line. No matter what type of power outage your business may experience, you should be prepared for anything

Making sure your business has a plan to eliminate downtime in the event of a power outage will help your business mitigate the potential losses that can occur because of an outage.

1000kVA DG Set on Rent in Nagpur

Modern Hiring Service (MHS), it is an ISO 9001:2015 organization popularly known as Modern.  Modern providing quality & reliability Cummins DG Set on rent to clients to give best service. Modern Hiring DG Sets are working in both 50 HZ & 60 HZ Condition. Cummins DG sets are fitted with latest engine model which will give excellent fuel savings over competition. All Spare parts & Services during contract is taking care by M/s Modern Hiring Service. MHS Provide Confidence in the equipment and services to avoid unwanted tripping in customer place. MHS Provide 24 x 7 service to all of our customers.

We are a unique name in the industry to provide our precious clients the best quality DG set on Rent. The provided service is carried out by our skilled team of professionals in the best possible manner.

1 – Modern Hiring generators are maintained at top condition with regular servicing
2 – Modern Hiring provides you with the perfect support right to your door.
3 – High Quality Generators providing uninterrupted power supply
4 – Smooth installation to meet all your Power distribution needs
5 - Generator that meets the emissions standards and noise regulations of your area while still delivering the power you need for your project.
6 – Opportunity of testing generators before renting
7 – You can switch to a new generator type and service, ensuring that your power generation always matches demand.


  Generator On Hire in Nagpur

  Mr. Narsing Agrawal