Whether it is developed areas of Lucknow or underdeveloped power cut has become a regular problem in the city, earlier it was not so much in the developed areas but now it seems like there isn’t much of a difference, the complete city is facing regular power outage issue since few months now and the solution doesn’t seem to be found yet for this

With the urbanization happening rapidly in Lucknow many companies are situated across the city equally in developed and underdeveloped areas and the issue of power outage is problem for every company’s bottom line Not only power outages occur here because of the demand and supply rule but natural disasters also have a fair share in power cuts Issues like intermittent rains or thunderstorms affect power cables or destroy transformers due to which again people have to suffer with power outage

Rains and thunderstorms have caused loss to power infrastructure, mainly in rural areas of Bundelkhand, Purvanchal, Madhyanchal and Paschimanchal, while impacting power supply. Government of Lucknow is trying to do their best to meet the energy requirements of the city but with the development happening on a rapid scale the demand of energy is increasing day by day

Large companies cannot function long without the use of items such as computers, manufacturing equipment, and lights. Companies that rely on networks and web-based technologies may experience setbacks in the event of an outage. Power outages can affect your business in a variety of ways. Each way can have an impact on the bottom line of your business and your productivity, then what is the solution to this problem?

DG Set on Rent in Lucknow as per your power requirements

Modern Hiring Service (MHS), popularly known as Modern, has been extending its rich experience of providing Uninterrupted & Reliable Power, Temperature Control Rental Solutions & Diesel Generator for Rent to a widest range (40kva – 2000kva) of clientele in India and globally. It has state of the art Infrastructure facilities with Depot located at strategic location, modernized ready to install containerized fleet of equipment’s, efficient networking, round the clock service and strong technical capabilities, are the core strengths of Modern.

Benefits of Hiring a DG Set on Rent in Lucknow

1 – Renting is cost effective than buying a DG set
2 – Renting a Generator saves the costing of regular maintenance as Modern Hiring always keeps all our equipment in top conditions
3 – You are not stuck with one particular DG set, Power equipment rentals can be sized for your specific project, our team of professionals help you to make sure you’ve got the perfect generator for your needs.
4 - Renting allows you to perform seasonal, temporary or specialized work on your job site.


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  Mr. Narsing Agrawal