The commercial capital of Indore is popular for Business prospects & Food, Indore is developing itself as an education hub and IT hub just like Pune. Several renowned education facilities are establishing itself in Indore to attract young crowd from all over the India, similarly Indore doesn’t want its precious IT gems to leave the city in hunt for a good and profitable job in the IT sector and so the city is doing its best to attract MNC’s In order to retain its IT talent

But this is not enough, to do all this Indore needs enough power supply to fulfill every one needs, but the situation in Indore says otherwise

The city is going through rapid development & commercialization but the issue of power outage is slowing every development process even further, because of which monetary loss that has occurred to the companies in Indore is huge and cannot be ignored.

Downtime as a result of power outages can cost your business a significant amount of money. Power outages can impact your bottom line and affect ongoing business operations. Monetary losses due to downtime can vary based on the industry, length of the outage, time of day, and the number of people. ITIC reported that 98 percent of organizations say one hour of downtime costs over Rs 79,00,000. Making sure you know how much a power outage would cost your business each hour isn’t enough, you would require a legitimate solution for this reoccurring problem in Indore

250 Kva – 900 Kva Portable DG Set on Rent in Indore

Modern Hiring India’s best diesel generator provider on rent has a perfect solution to power outage, we offer different types of generators on rent depending on the power need of the client, our generators are well maintained and high in quality to ensure uninterrupted power supply

All the generators from Modern Hiring are CARB certified and well maintained, our skillful technicians make sure that the generators are in top conditions to perform their best. Modern Hiring delivers you a full power equipment rental that includes service and support from factory-trained technicians. Generator rentals are continually and routinely maintained because we deliver great quality products to every customer. Our technicians analyze your power needs and get the right generator for your company to handle the load you need supported by a team of experienced technicians who can install the generator and respond to any service or emergency situation. With 24 hrs emergency backup service in Chennai you can now deliver smooth operations

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