From Central Suburbs such as Thane and Mulund to the Western suburb of Andheri –Mumbai is facing a huge problem of load shedding

Sudden power cuts have made matters worse for citizens in several parts of the city. The problem has been reported from suburbs as diverse as Thane, Mulund, Vikhroli and Andheri - areas where electricity is supplied through different power companies. This has caught citizens and companies off guard as the city is not used to frequent power cuts.

A city that never sleeps has a huge issue of energy consumption and energy supply. Mumbai is home to many Giant companies whether its international or national, it’s called the city of dreams for a good reason, the companies in Mumbai have a huge competition to keep up to, in this scenario power becomes an important resource and losing it is not an option but the current scenario of the city says otherwise

Mumbai is facing Unscheduled power outages since last couple of months, it has now become as regular as three times a week. People are not being able to feel comfortable at their home during weekends and companies are losing precious time and money because of this

There are more than 2,200 families and 673 companies that are dreading the summer months. Power cuts in a city like this results in people getting late of their jobs, students facing problems while preparing for their exams, companies facing issues with keeping up with the production quotas

Besides the outages, people in Mumbai are experiencing flickering for the last few days. “This is bad for the gadgets that are connected to the grid, factory machinery can face issues and office equipment can lose data due to this problem, modern Hiring has a solution and we have been providing this solution to Mumbai since many years

15kva – 2000kva Diesel Generator on Rent in Mumbai

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  Generator for Rent in Mumbai

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