The power outages in Goa keep happening due to the scattered thundershowers and lightning that keep occurring. This is compounded by the digging work for the new highway which has also resulted in major power lines getting cut at Porvorim. Therefore, it has compromised the power supply to North Goa’s coastal areas. So far, the worst affected areas are Porvorim, Nerul, and Saligao. Even Panjim and parts of Taleigao haven’t been spared.
There are frequent power cuts across the state, even in the resort areas. Usually it comes back quickly, sometimes in just a couple of minutes. But there are occasions, when you may be left without electricity for half an hour, or even an hour. On some days, when the situation is especially bad, there can be power cuts for 2-3 times in a day. Planned power cuts are usually during the daytime when most of the tourists are at the beach or away sightseeing. It becomes a problem if there is a sudden cut in the evening or the night. You will be left without fan, air conditioning, and your charger too won’t work. It is worst in the monsoon because of high winds and occasional thunderstorms. If the palm leaves or trees hit the lines, then it takes a long time to repair, so you may be left without power even for the entire day. There have even been instances when there was no electricity for a couple of days.

This situation of regular power outage has affected businesses a lot in Goa, tourist are there for experience, without electricity, they cannot relax in hotels, spas, shacks, they cannot get their devices charged properly which hampers their travel plans and delays them to get from one place to another in Goa, so, what is the solution for this issue?

Generator - 82.5 KVA to 125 KVA on rent in Goa

Modern Hiring Services specializes in providing the generator on rent in Goa. These services are offered at reasonable rates and for different durations, short as well as long; as per the client's requirements. These generators are of established brands and provide very effective and quick temporary, emergency, and / or backup power supply. Salient features of our generators-on-rent are high quality, less fuel consumption, effective power supply, easy to transport, and high durability. In addition, we also provide the facility of generator's complete installation, at the location of client's choice.
The scope of supply includes:
• Electrical starter motor 12V DC
• Battery charging alternator
• Bosch fuel system with mechanical governor, A1 Class
• Spin-on lube oil filter
• Spin-on dual fuel filter with water seperator
• Turbocharger
• Charge air cooler
• Silencer (Hospital grade)
• Dry type air cleaner
• Shut-off coil
• Flywheel and flywheel housing
• First fill of lube oil and coolant
• Safety for low lube oil pressure
• Safety for high water temperature
• Permissible overload of 10% for one hour in 12 hours of operation

Reasons to hire a diesel generator on rent in Goa

1 - Due to the lightning strikes, a lot of the insulators and conductors have been completely damaged voltage fluctuations are a major contributor to the power outages in North Goa. Modern Hiring Services provide you with the perfect support right to your door with our high-quality diesel generators

2 - Weekends are believed to make it worse as this is when there are more tourists in town and therefore more hotel rooms are occupied. Throw in the fact that the summer has been very hot and humid, it has compelled the public to utilize their fans and air-conditioning even more. This has resulted in the power supply being overloaded. With our generators, your power needs will always be fulfilled and the tourists can feel relaxed with ample of electricity supply

3 - Disturbance in power supply comes in the way of smooth functioning of businesses. No wonder, the popular temperature has been rising against the electricity department’s failure to give uninterrupted power supply, Goa does not have enough electricity to meet the demand, as the state does not produce its own electricity. Goa gets power from the National Grid where each state has its own quota. There is never enough for Goa as the country has a whole need more electricity than what it produces. Therefore, Modern Hiring’s DG Set can help your business function properly whether it is a daytime party on shacks or a night life pub party, you can always welcome guests without any power interruptions


  DG set On Hire in Goa

  Mr. Narsing Agrawal