Kochin is popular travel destination among tourists. It is a mix of history, modernity, nature, art and culture. There are many tourist attractions in Kochin and this place is enjoyed by all types of tourists. Be it singles, couples, backpackers or families- all can have a good time here, because of which kochin has become one of the major energy consuming city in India

As more and more people coming in the city there has been a huge demand for the establishment of major companies which again requires a lot of energy consumption for production and operation, in spite of this the situation is going on a different direction and Kochin faces power outages more than ever.

The West Kochin areas have been reeling under frequent power failures due to delay in executing repair works caused by poor facilities of the Kerala State Electricity Board Limited (KSEBL). residents of west Kochi areas have been facing severe difficulties due to disruption in power supply. Often the supply is disrupted continuously for two or three days shortage of manpower and facilities are the major reasons for delay in repairing and restoring the supply. The actual number of transformers required in the area is 150 while there are only 88 transformers.

The steep increase in the number of air conditioners in houses is also burdening the KSEB. “The present transformers are unable to bear the power overload with the increasing power consumption. This will result in frequent tripping; therefore, consumption has to be regulated. It is not easy to replace the entire power distribution network all of a sudden

Modern Hiring Services is providing Diesel Generator rental services in Kochin to help individuals and corporations to deal with the power outage issues

380kVA Generator Rental Services in kochin

Today Modern is equipped to keep pace with contemporary global developments and market demands. we are engaged in providing a high-quality range of Generator Rental Services pan India. In the years ahead, Modern venturing into newer horizons, modernized Fleet of equipment’s, state of the depots with sound experience & unmatched marketing & engineering skills, envisions itself to be the leading player in Indian Power Rental Industry.
• ƒCummins QSL9 series, 6 cylinder, In-line 4 stroke, radiator cooled engine
• Full Authority Electronic Engine
• ƒƒWell designed air handling system with
o Dry type, Replaceable paper element air cleaner with restriction indicator
o Air to air aftercooling
o Optimised turbocharger for increased altitude capabilities
• Best in class fuel economy with
o Bosch HPCR fuel system with A1 class electronic governing
o Dual fuel filter system: Pre filter including water separator and Water In Fuel (WIF) sensor and main filter
• Electrical lift pump for faster response
• ƒƒStandard integral set-mounted radiator system, designed and tested for 50°C ambient temperature
• ƒƒFull flow spin on lube oil filter
• Plate type lube oil cooler
• ƒƒFirst fill of lube oil and coolant
• ƒƒElectrical starter motor with soft start engagement feature
• ƒƒBattery charging alternator
• ƒƒ2 X 12 V DC battery 

The city is witnessing frequent undeclared load shedding over the past few years. There were instances in which power disruptions occurred over a dozen times a day in the city. This affects the corporate companies as well as the port of Kochin to operate properly which is a major development factor in the city, Kochin depends on the operations of the port as it is medium to International trading without power the port operations can be disrupted

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