People in Bhubaneshwar have been facing regular power cuts since three months. To top that, there are ongoing unannounced power cut throughout the summer between 11 and 6am daily. It’s not about counting the number of times it happens during the day and the profoundly low voltage that lets one count the number of blades in a fan, the “few hours” of power cuts are due to maintenance work.

With summer at its scorching worst and temperature recording above 40 degree Celsius in the city, unscheduled power cuts have added to the misery of city denizens. Despite tall claims of the state government for having adequate power to meet the demand in peak hours, frequent power outages and low voltage has made life miserable. the city has been improving power infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted power supply to people both in rural and urban areas

Number of air-conditioners has been rising by the day but the electricity department is not increasing their capacity accordingly as a result overloading and tripping has become more frequent. The power requirement of the state was 3,692 megawatt against the availability of 2,540 megawatt. The state purchased 1,150 megawatt powers from the central pool to meet the shortfall,” added the source. The number of electricity consumers in the state has gone up to 77 lakhs from 66 lakhs in last two years due to implementation of the Saubhagya scheme of the Centre There have been unscheduled power cuts in this area for the last two months. Besides, low-voltage has added to our woes, it is due to water scarcity, poor load taking capacity of existing infrastructure or the authorities concerned are doing it intentionally to show surplus electricity generation in the State

the power outages are mostly occurring due to some accidental disruptions and for its subsequent maintenance and restoration.
Common Power Cuts Issues:
• Voltage Complaints
• Interruption/failure of power supply
• Scheduled shut-downs
• Problems in metering
• Billing disputes
• Disconnection and reconnection of power supply
• Delay in providing new connection
• Transfer of ownership and conversion of service

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