Power Rental Solution for Manufacturing / Generator Rental for Chemical/Gensets On Hire for Automobile

Power Rental Solution/ Generator Rental Solution is Highly important to manufacturing and production companies whether they are automobile manufactures, auto ancillaries, chemical, food & beverages or seasonal Product manufacturer like spinning mills, ginning mills or any in whatsoever manner. Power & Temperature control solutions has to be highly reliable to meet their customers’ demands.
We at Modern Provide the Generator rentals & chiller Rental to improve your productivity & efficiency in your processes for long term.

Our Experience & Qualified team of Engineers, Technicians & Operators helps in from designing,selection,Planning, Execution including Fuel Management along with compliance & regulatory framework management.

We Provide our Temporary Power Solution Rental solution for Manufacturing companies basically for critical Shutdown/Maintenance Processes, Process Improvements, Turbine Overhauling, to Support the Production during Peak Shaving or Even as long term Basis to reduce the capital investments as a strategic move or during seasonal power cut in some of the areas.

Moderns ’s Temporary Power Rental Package Includes: -
  • Generators rental from 15 kVA up to 2000KVA in single Unit & up to 50 MW
  • Cables & Distribution Rental
  • Testing solution through the Load Banks on Hire for exiting Power Generators or Turbines.
  • Chiller Rental ranging from low temperature through to high-volume chilled water from cooling towers
  • Lighting Solution during plant shutdown through Mobile Lighting Tower Rental.
  • Oil Free Compressor for Turnaround activities or Shutdowns.