• Characterized by large machines
  • Largest machines for excavating, overburden removal, ore transport and crushing: draglines, shovels, winders, conveyers and mills
  • Local ore processing may require pumps and compressors of relatively large ratings
  • Providing a supply of electricity to large mining machines is always challenging
    • These challenges are mainly due to their load cycle and are compounded by the relatively small, geographically separate electricity supply systems
    • Dynamic interaction between generators and motors requires knowledge of the limits of generators’ capability
    • Remote location of mining operations is challenging, even if the supply can be provided from the grid via a high voltage interconnection


  • Relatively small number of very large loads – mining machines
  • Largest machines generally electrically powered
  • Very small % of general loads (camp, canteen, administration, township) in the total load
  • No ‘natural’ load growth
  • Step load changes due to mine expansions
  • Remote locations, impact of climate and wildlife
  • 24 hours’ operation – ‘flat’ load profile
  • Load swings of largest machines (shovels, draglines, winders, …) important
  • Machines often regenerate in one part of their duty cycle
  • Large % of motor loads
  • Motor fault current contribution significant
  • Large % of motor loads connected via power converters (VV & VVVF drives)
  • Harmonics current injection significant
  • Load swings of active (MW) and reactive (MVAr) power during one duty cycle or motor starting are large relative to the capacity of the supply power system
  • Additional stress on local generators if they are: – located in isolated power systems – of different sizes and characteristics – there is no or little intentional spinning reserve


MHS Solutions are available for Mining Industry -
  • Fuel flexible Option of Diesel, HFO Generator from smallest capacity of 15KVA to 2000KVA& in multimegawats.
  • HV/ LV Genset ranging voltage from 33kv to 230 V
  • Mobile Lighting Tower mostly required in Open Cast Mines.
  • Emergency & Technical Support
  • Fuel Management services
  • All statutory approvals including DGMS
  • 100% Compliance Management.