Modern’s Cost Effective & Ready to Install Solution for Heavy Industry.

Heavy industry is industry that involves one or more characteristics such as large and heavy products; large and heavy equipment and facilities (such as heavy equipment, large machine tools, and huge buildings;) or complex or numerous processes. Because of those factors, heavy industry often involves higher capital intensity  than light industry does, and it is also often more heavily cyclical in investment and employment. Industry includes big Cement, Steel, Power, Aerospace, large dams, Skyscrapers, Gear Box Manufacturer for Power Plants, Glass Manufacturing Companies etc.

For such kind of Industries Reliable & continuous Power Becomes very critical & most important area to look for. Due to very large & nonlinear load like Furans, Motors, Pumps assurance of power & keep maximum demand stable & Power factor near to unity becomes big challenge.

However Modern with its highly efficient & cost effective, Ready to Install Plug N Play type Generator can ensure the reliable & 24/7 Power Supply throughout the important phase of Plant.
For the Industrial Load Like Blast Furnace, Pallet Plant, Sinter Plant & Boiler Feed Pump Motor or Even Pump Houses located near to dam or river in remote areas for water source for the plant temporary Power Plant or Hiring of Gensets becomes highly viable solution for such kind of industries

When the cement/Steel/Power companies required Power initially when they do not have power source ready due to delay in land acquisition to setup the Transmission line upto their plant and also as time gap arrangement between full fledge production to start up & during Commissioning, Modern Power rental solution becomes viable & effective way. Modern Can offer solution for scheduled overhaul programme for Cement/steel/ plant, located in a remote part or anywhere, a temporary power plant was needed to provide a stable power supply for the overhaul work at the plant as well as provide power to help increase production capacity.

Application for Temporary Power Packages includes

  • Supplementing the grid
  • Standby / Backup
  • Seasonal peak shaving
  • Overcoming transmission and distribution limitations
  • Power during planned maintenance or unplanned outages
  • Power for construction or commissioning
  • Continuous Power for Operating Pump Houses in remote areas.