Power generators are important tools for anyone who wants extra protection in emergencies against power loss.  For the oil and gas industry, power generators are a very important necessity.  These generators provide key power sources for the oil and gas industry, particularly to assist with drilling and digging.  The procedure of both drilling and digging are key to these industries, and a lot of power is needed to provide service to heavy equipment.  With the help of MHS power generators, this can be achieved efficiently and also help to ensure that no power loss will be suffered. 
A lot of different tasks are involved in the oil and gas industry, such as deep earth and offshore drilling, pumping, and the actual delivery of the finished product.  Large companies such as ONGCreally rely on these generators in order to maintain a steady, reliable business operation.

Additionally, diesel power generators provide backup power to these companies’ main facilities and operations.  If there is an emergency or disaster and the main power is shut down, generators can assist with backup, allowing business to continue on as usual.  This can save the industry a huge amount of lost time and money. 

Power generators are key to the oil and gas industry.  They are part of the backbone that keeps them running.  All major oil and gas companies rely of generators extensively.  That’s why it’s important they choose heavy duty, reliable generators that can give their facilities and equipment the power they need to run smoothly and without any interruption. 
Equipment’s also requires the Zone -1 & zone –0 & Zone -2 certification for the explosive certification from local pollution control board or Ministry of environment of Forests.
Furnace Oil powered Gensets are also available for long term lease for the refineries where furnace oil is available at nearby.
MHS Solutions are available for Oil & Gas Industry: -

  • Fuel flexible Option of Diesel gensets, HFO generators & Gas Generator from smallest capacity of 15KVA to 2000KVA.
  • HV/ LV Genset ranging voltage from 33kv to 230 V
  • High Frequency genset in 50 HZ & 60Hz
  • Mobile Lighting Tower
  • Oil free Compressors
  • Emergency & Technical Support
  • Fuel Management services
  • All statutory approvals including DGMS
  • 100% Compliance Management.