Switch is one of the largest electrical expos in the country which was held on October 6 to October 10, 2016 in Vadodara. It represents one of the biggest networks of Electrical Manufacturers,Innovators, Technologies& Partner in the industry. promoted by government of Gujrat under Gujrat Urja Nigam Limited.


Switch 2016 was in the need of 22MVA, 415V, 50Hz DG based Power Rental Package for the event to be organized on 6 Oct 2016 to 10 Oct 2016 to Operate the Exhibitor, Air Conditioning & Lighting load at Vadodara Gujrat.


Modern Hiring Service (MHS) has provided 22MVA, 415V, 50Hz DG Based Power Rental Package comprising various Capacities 125KVA x 16 No’s, 250KVA x 4 Nos, 500KVA x 11 Nos, 625KVA x 1 Nos,1000KVA x 8 Nos, 1250KVA x 1Nos, 1500KVA x 1 Nos with Synchronization cum distribution panel wherever required along with Cables, Fuel Storage Tanks, Mobile Diesel Generators, Fuel Management service & 24/7 Operator & Engineers to Maintain & Operate the whole system to assure the reliability Effectively at all time.


  1. Modern Has Successfully executed the contract including SITC of whole system just in 5 days Record time after the award of Contract including but not limited to Transportation & Unloading & loading at Site.