Backup power/ Standby provide assurance that life safety systems and critical equipment can maintain their operation during a power outage. The use of these systems almost comes as second nature when designing large, complex facilities.

For any eventualities, Temporary Power plant backup power is necessary to keep running your critical equipment’s during planned or unplanned shutdown
For example

  • To avoid the data losses at IT/ITES industry & Data Centres always has reliable dual backup systems.
  • Major underground mines where human life is at stack in absence of Power back up for ventilation fans, lifts & dewatering pumps reliable power back up / Standby system to be always up.
  • At a construction sites also where due power outage workers can be idle for very long which increase the cost of construction directly.
Modern Hiring Service has the fleet of ready to install, plug n Play type of Power & temperature control equipment with practised processes & experienced & qualified engineers to handle & restore the power supply in very minimal time to support the planned & unplanned shutdown & keep your company running.