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Genset - 82.5 KVA to 125 KVA Specification

Make: Cummins India
80-100 KWE, 82.5-125 KVA Prime:

Standard scope

Engine: Cummins ® ‘B series’ diesel generating sets, powered by Cummins® ‘B series’ engines, are rated at 1500 RPM and conform to ISO 8528 specifications. The engines are radiator cooled, four stroke and multi-cylinder, conforming to BS 5514 / ISO 3046.
The scope of supply includes:
  • Electrical starter motor 12V DC
  • Battery charging alternator
  • Bosch fuel system with mechanical governor, A1 Class
  • Spin-on lube oil filter
  • Spin-on dual fuel filter with water seperator
  • Turbocharger
  • Charge air cooler
  • Silencer (Hospital grade)
  • Dry type air cleaner
  • Shut-off coil
  • Flywheel and flywheel housing
  • First fill of lube oil and coolant
  • Safety for low lube oil pressure
  • Safety for high water temperature
  • Permissible overload of 10% for one hour in 12 hours of operation


Stamford alternator from Cummins Generator
Technologies, suitable for operation at 1500 RPM, 415 Volts, 0.8 pf (lag) suitable for 50 Hz, 3 phase, 4 wire system, conforming to IS/IEC 60034-1. The Alternator is brushless type, screen protected, revolving field, self excited, self regulated through an AVR. The alternator has the following features:
  • ± 1.0 % Voltage regulation (max) in static conditions
  • IP: 23 protection with insulation class H

Mounting arrangement

Engine and alternator are mounted on a common MS fabricated base frame with AVM pads.

Control panel

The control panel is manufactured with 14/16 gauge CRCA sheet and is powder coated for a weather-proof, long lasting finish.

The control panel consists of following parts:

  • PS0500 Controller
  • Aluminum bus bars with suitable capacity with in/outgoing terminals
  • Indicating lamps for ‘Load On’ and ‘Set Running’
  • Instrument fuses duly wired and ferruled
  • MCCB of suitable rating with overload and short circuit protections

PS0500 Genset controller

Cummins PowerStart™ PS0500 control is a microprocessor based generator set monitoring and control system. The control provides a simple operator interface to the generator set, manual and remote start/ stop control, shutdown fault indication, and an LCD hour counter. The integration of all functions into a single control system provides enhanced reliability and performance compared to conventional generator set control systems. This control has been designed and tested to meet harsh environment in which gensets are typically applied.

Features, Functions, protections

  • 16 character x 2 line alphanumeric LCD display with LED backlight
  • Operator interface Provide a record of most recent fault conditions.
  • Fault history stored in the control non volatile memory

Provide Alternator Data

  • Voltage ( 1 ph or 3 ph line to line and line to neutral voltage)
  • Current ( 1 ph or 3 ph)
  • kVA (3 ph and total)
  • Frequency

Provide Engine Data

  • Starting battery voltage
  • Engine running hours
  • Engine Temp.
  • Engine oil pressure

Control includes provision for Service adjustment and calibration of DG control functions

  • Voltage, frequency selection
  • Configurable input and output set up
  • Meter calibration.

Engine controls

  • PowerStart operates on 12 VDC batteries
  • Auto start mode accepts a ground signal from remote devices to automatically start the DG set. The remote start will also wake up the control system from sleep mode.
  • Engine Starting – The control system supports automatic engine starting, Primary and back up start disconnects are achieved by battery charging alternator feedback or main alternator output frequency.
  • Controller provide configurable time delay of 0-300 secs to start after remote start signal & time delay of 0-600 secs prior to shutdown after stop signal.
  • Sleep mode increase battery life. Configurable current settings from low to minimize current draw when genset is not working.

Engine Protective functions includes

  • Configurable alarm output
  • Emergency stop: Annunciated whenever an emergency stop signal is received by the control.
  • Low lube oil pressure warning and Shutdown
  • High engine water temp warning / Shutdown
  • Low coolant temp warning
  • Sensor failure indication
  • Low and high battery voltage warning
  • Weak battery warning
  • Fail to start shut down
  • Cracking lockout: Control will not allow the starter to engage or to crank the running engine.
  • Cyclic cranking: Configurable for the number of starting cycle (1 to 7) and duration of crank and rest periods.

Alternator Protective functions includes

  • High and Low AC voltage shut down
  • Under and Over frequency shutdown / warning
  • Loss of sensing voltage input shut down

Generator set specifications


Engine Specifications


Alternator specifications


Typical enclosed genset dimensions