A well Planned & thoroughly investigated risks help in providing solution for trouble free shutdown/maintenance
Every industrial Plant/ Refineries goes for shutdown / complete maintenance where complete main switchyard is shut off due to that disruption in power happens for the same period of time. Disrupting the activities for normal business leads to customer inconvenience & due to that a well planned shutdown is required to reduce the effect shutdown becomes critical.

We at modern Provide very reliable, ready to use, Plug N Play type of equipment after investigating the risk whether it is external or Internal in whatsoever manner.

We below list of equipment & activities to support & mitigate the risk at all level

  • Containerized diesel Generator on Hire (30KVA to 2000KVA in any capacity & Voltage)
  • Transformer On Hire in any capacity & Voltage
  • Compliance labour, PF, ESIC as required
  • Fuel Management Services (Storage Tanks & Tankers to carry Fuel from Petroleum Outlet)
  • Regulatory compliances such as CEIG, PUC & CCOE
  • 24/7 Onsite Manpower & Spare Support
  • Mobile Lighting Towers
  • Cables, Switchgears & distribution Boards
  • Oil Free Compressors.
Planning becomes very important part of shutdown before implementation which reduces risk & last moment heavy investment due to costly equipment damage, customer inconvenience, delivery schedule & largely production loss.

Once you take modern as partner in your shutdown to provide critical power equipment’s we plan pre -shutdown, During Shutdown & Post shutdown activities in such a way to reduce cost & Mitigate Risk