Once the construction activities are completed & project comes to pre-commissioning & commissioning stage before going for inaugural ceremony or full fledge operation. Most of project managers are worried about the testing of large capacity motors or any other load for which the large capacity power is required for shorter duration without having their Captive power plant or power evacuation source ready.

Once the recommissioning& commissioning activities are over some industries which are located at forest regions where power Transmission facilities are not there, having seasonal Penalty for high power consumption required the large capacity of Power for long term operation. Modern has the cost effective & highly efficient machines to deploy to reduce the capital & operational expenses of any Client.

Even for the events whether it is Small wedding ceremony to big Government (Defence Expo or aviation Show or Mining Exhibition or industrial expoetc.) to very large sports event where smallest trip can create a big blunder,modern temporary Power Plant rental with its confidence in highly reliable equipment, practised processes & highly effective manpower can Power those events in very short span of time with highest reliability.

We at modern has the variety of fuel Flexi (Diesel/HFO/Gas), containerized, ready to install, Plug & Play type equipment’s to cater the requirement any capacity, anywhere within very short span of time for shorter durations.

  • Multimegawat Diesel Genset (from 2000KVA to 100MW, 50HZ or 60HZ)
  • Transformers (3.1 MVA - 6.3 MVA in any voltage 3,3kV, 6.6kV. 11kV or 33kV)
  • Load Banks on Hire (Resistive Type 2500KVA in any voltage)
  • Synchronization Panels
  • Cables
  • HT / VCB Panels
  • NGR/NIS Panels
  • Fuel Management along with compliance Management