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Genset - 2000 KVA Specification

Make: Cummins India
2000 kVA Prime

Standard scope

Engine:Cummins® ‘QSK60 series’ full authority electronic injection, water cooled engine, 16 cylinder, 4 stroke, rated at 1500 RPM, conforming to ISO 3046 /ISO 13018 has the following specifications:

  • Cummins Full Authority electronics
  • Cummins HPI injectors
  • Cummins turbocharger, pulse tuned exhaust manifold, stainless steel exhaust flexible connections (4 Turbos)
  • Radiator or heat exchanger, coolant inhibitor
  • Plate type lube oil cooler
  • Outboard aftercoolers
  • Full flow paper element filters – fuel, lube oil and by-pass
  • Dry type replaceable paper element air cleaner with restriction indicator
  • Flywheel housing & flywheel to suit single bearing alternator
  • Starting motor – Electric
  • Battery charging alternator
  • Cummins PowerCommand® microprocessor based genset controller
  • First fill lube oil


Stamford brushless alternator
  • Seperately excited, self-regulated
  • Salient pole revolving field
  • Single / double bearing
  • VPI epoxy impregnated insulation technology
  • Re-greasable deep groove Single bearing
  • Excitation – PMG based brushless


  • Silencer suitably optimized to reduce noise
  • Sturdy base rail
  • 990 ltrs. free standing fuel tank
  • Batteries with connecting leads and terminals


Lube oil / Coolant heater with thermostatic switch, Air Starter
Space heater, RTDs (Std. for HT), BTDs, Double Bearing
Control Panel
AMF control panel, Battery charger, Remote/Auto start panel, Auto/Manual synchronizing panel, Audio/Visual annunciation for faults
Oil Pan: 398 lts. oil pan for extended oil change interval for 2000 kVA


Model C2000 D5 P
Prime Power Rating kVA 2000
Output Voltage and Frequency 415V/ *3.3/ *6.6/ 11KV - 50Hz
Power Factor 0.8 (lag)
No. of phases 3 phase


Make Cummins
Model QSK 60 G4
No. of cylinders 16 ‘Vee’
Aspiration Turbocharged - LTA Aftercooled
Bore x Stroke 159 mm x 190 mm
Displacement 60.2 ltrs
Output - Prime 2319 bhp (1730 kWm)
Fuel consumption @ 75% load with Rad/HE 291/281 ltr/hr
Fuel consumption @ 100% load with Rad/HE 390/380 ltr/hr
Typical oil consumption @ 100% load 0.65 ltr/hr
Total wet weight ( engine + radiator) 9904 kg
Length x Width x Height (engine) 2780 x 1591 x 1960 mm
Compression Ratio 14.5:1
Piston Speed 9.5 m/s
Governor / Class Electronic / A1
Lubricating oil sytem capacity 280 / 398 ltrs
Coolant capacity (engine + radiator) 621 ltrs
Combustion air intake @ 100% load (+/- 5%) 136 m3/min
Exhaust Temperature 529 oC


Make Stamford-LT Stamford-HT
Frame size / Model No. PI734F HVSI804R
Voltage Regulation 0.50% 0.50%
Insulation Class H Class F
Standard Enclosure IP 23 IP 23
Winding Pitch 2 / 3 Pitch 2 / 3 Pitch
Stator Winding Double layer lap,
form wound
Double layer lap,
form wound
Rotor Dynamically
with grade 2.5
with grade 2.5
Wave form distortion No load < 1.8 %,
non distorting 
balanced linear
load < 5 %
No load < 1.5 %
non distorting 
balanced linear
load < 3 %
Total Harmonic Factor Better than 2% Better than 2%